The dynamics between the arts, the government and the higher education community
are critical to the development and health of the arts in America.
Vanderbilt University confronts this complicated scenario with The Mike Curb
Creative Campus Program, administered by the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise
and Public Policy at Vanderbilt and funded by recording industry executive
Mike Curb.

In an essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Steven Tepper, associate
director of the Curb Center, challenged universities to measure the creative
capabilities of their students. In 2006, Vanderbilt hosted a conference on
campus creativity, which has evolved into a national movement.

“American universities need to recognize their defining role in nurturing
creativity and in linking it to teaching, learning and citizenship,” Tepper
said. “The Curb program will establish a new relationship between students
and art on Vanderbilt’s campus.”