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Saint Pablo Tour with Griffin Schwab

Posted on: November 8th, 2016 | 0 Comments

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s a secret that I feel needs to be buried deep, deep inside my subconscious, especially given that I’m writing this blog post in Taylor Swift’s home city. But alas, it’s true, I am in fact a huge fan of Kanye West. And what’s worse, I’m not even a huge fan of just his music. I’m one of those people who loves his shoes, the clothes he designs and (God forgive me) his personality. But it wasn’t until seeing him perform at the Bridgestone Arena as a part of his Saint Pablo Tour that I fully was able to appreciate his ability to change, meld, and challenge the audience’s predisposed notion of what an arena concert experience is. In other words, I was able to more fully appreciate his creative vision outside of his music and clothing. This idea of applying a creative mindset to real-world problems is something that heavily relates to my experience as a Curb Scholar, something that I’ll get into at the end of this post. Read More

The Aspen Music Festival with Megan Wei

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Hello! My name is Megan Wei, and I went to The Aspen Music Festival and School for the first time this past summer. This eight-week classical music festival is renowned over the world as being the premier music festival for the training of musicians from ages ten to thirty-seven. The six-hundred students that are accepted each summer come from all types of backgrounds, from forty states, and forty countries. The one-hundred and thirty artist-faculty come from nearly every major U.S. conservatory, music school, and orchestra, and the festival invites over one-hundred guest artists to perform and teach. The Aspen Music Festival is comprised of five orchestras, three opera productions, over three-hundred performance events, and wonderful performance venues, including the Benedict Music Tent, Harris Concert Hall, and other small venues in the town of Aspen. If that isn’t interesting enough, the thirty-eight acre Bucksbaum music “campus” is located thousands of feet above sea-level in the most beautiful, idyllic mountains surrounding Aspen trees, groves, and ponds. The campus includes all-new performance/ rehearsal halls, percussion facilities, and practice rooms, as well as new teaching studios, a music library, a dining hall, and the administrative offices. Read More

Curb Scholars Meeting, 10/31/16

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Happy Halloween! The Curb Scholars met on Monday, October 31st to address issues of project safety, discuss implementation challenges, and complete prototypes of the doors for their Creative Doors Project, which will be debuting at the end of the semester. (There were several costumes in attendance—a Legos Princess Leia, and a Scholar with a pipe cleaner crown.) The Scholars brainstormed problems that the Doors would likely need to withstand. These fell into three categories:

  1. Weather (rain, snow, heat/cold)
  2. Human Error (vandalism, climbing)
  3. Wear & Tear (hinge, rust, staying closed, uprooting from ground) Read More

Curb Scholars Meeting, 10/17/16

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The Curb Scholars met on Monday, October 17th to discuss, present—and, in some cases, pitch—their Doors Project themes. The meeting began with an internal analysis of the Scholars’ project management procedures, and it was decided that in order to move forward with efficiency and good will, behavioral norms needed to be set. Sam was elected Facilitator for future meetings, Spencer was appointed Project Leader, and Jonathan took up the (rotating) role of writing the minutes. The Curb Scholars set aside fifteen minutes at the start of the meeting to set expectations for communication—both at the Curb Scholars meeting, and in the Group Me chat room where project planning takes place between Monday meetings. It was agreed upon that initiative and leadership with the Doors Project should be student-led. Read More

Curb Scholars Meeting, 10/10/16

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On Monday night, the Curb Scholars gathered to conduct their second creative expression session of the year. This week, Jonathan and Treena facilitated the two-hour meeting, which had been set aside early in the semester in order to give Curb Scholars the chance to work on their individual creative projects. Read More

New friends, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and Game of Thrones

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My summer so far

This summer I am interning in Washington DC, and it is truly one of the best places to be as a summer intern. Every summer hordes of interns find themselves in DC and bring with them a spirit of adventure and life. I live in a house near Georgetown, which is occupied by five other interns. Everyone in the house has bonded over weekly Game of Thrones viewings and friendly disputes over bathroom time in the morning. The area around Georgetown is surprisingly green. There’s quite a few parks around which have become my running routes in the evenings. Canal road is probably one of the best stretches for a run around Georgetown. Apart from that, there are a lot of great restaurants and bars nearby which have kept my weekends occupied. Read More

Life on the Management Side

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Jonathan Tari
Remedial Media, Brooklyn

I’ve transitioned from the media production side of things to the business development and management side of Remedial Media. I’m spending less time on set and more time talking about company growth. They are, after all, a startup. The two main producers there, husband and wife, decided that they want to legitimize their business plan. Instead of working gig-to-gig, some outside investment and some larger form contracts with clients could lead to a much more successful, and faster growing, business. On one hand, that means my boss had to reach out to lots of different beauty companies in order to get work on a more consistent basis. Boss #2, with whom I’ve been working more and more, has taken on the role of creating an investment pitch, and preparing the company to scale up. Read More

Creative Marketing in Nashville

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I chose to spend my summer this year working in Nashville. This has been very different from my previous summer. Last year, I went back home (Nairobi, Kenya) to work on a startup geared towards providing online shopping and delivery. It was a very fulfilling experience and I can definitely talk about what I learned doing that in other blog post. However, this summer, I landed an internship at redpepper which is a creative marketing agency based here in Nashville. For those of you who have watched the popular TV show called Mad Men, it’s pretty similar. One thing that mattered to me while looking for a place to work is a friendly and open culture that fosters creativity in the employees. I was able to find that and much more here at redpepper. My colleagues are all eager and incredibly helpful and willing to answer as many questions as possible. As an intern, that has been crucial in helping me learn the ropes. Read More

Coding for Bottle

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Ben Knight – July 11, 2016

Hey guys! I’ve been in Knoxville working for Bottle since the beginning of the summer. They’re a tech startup that hosts business-to-customer messaging, with the goal of making purchases and customer service easy over text. One of their two founders, Will Schreiber, is a former Vandy Curb scholar. He handles all of Bottle’s code has been awesome to work under and to learn from. I’ve already been handed some pretty cool projects this summer, mostly involving the creation of bots to crawl through and interact with different social media platforms. I’m pretty happy with my progress as well! With no prior experience, I’ve picked up and made decent use of both Python and Ruby on Rails. Read More

Aspen Music School

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The wifi in Aspen is non-existent. It is the perfect opportunity to focus on personal, musical, spiritual, and philosophical growth in the presence of the staggeringly beautiful nature that surrounds the town. The first week of the Aspen Music Festival has been overwhelming. From understanding the jam-packed schedule of concerts, masterclasses, and lessons, to navigating the bus routes to the music school and beyond, there is so much to see and do. But before we get to the intensive music activities, the staff insisted that a large part of the festival is non-musical, meaning that we must first engage with the grand mountains, green pastures, and lush waterfalls before we think about what our purpose is in the art of music. Read More