Creative Encounters


Encounters create out-of-the ordinary moments that break faculty, staff, and students from their everyday routine.

Encounters with Creative Process offer the opportunity for hands-on experience with creative practice-—whether it’s scratching on turntable, creating your own graffiti tag, or designing project-runway style—guided by masters of the craft.



Scratch, spin, and mix

with DJs Gummy Soul and Kids Meal

March 17, 2011.

Local DJs Gummy Soul and Kids Meal gave students, staff, and faculty a hands-on lesson to scratch, spin, and mix, in a guerrilla-style encounter with the creative process. The throw down went down in Sarratt Student Center, Spring 2011.

Tag, burn, and bomb

with Carlos “Mare139″ Rodriguez

April 13, 2011

NYC graffiti artist Carlos “Mare139” Rodriguez schooled faculty, staff, and students in the basics of graffiti tagging.

Game, rock, and roll

with Eran Egozy

November 17, 2009

Rock Band creator Eran Egozy discussed cultural influence of music-inspired video games with Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff.  The following Rock Band competition benefited the W.O. Smith Nashville Community Music School.

“Rock Band creator discusses cultural influence of video games.”