Karissa Deiter

Indianapolis, IN

My first year of college was transformative for me in that I realized that the pursuit of knowledge, open-mindedness, creativity, and awareness are the keys to unlocking the enormous potential that lies within every person. Throughout the year I was continually awed by the abundance of knowledge available, along with the rewards that learning yields: passion, individualism, understanding, honesty, and a feeling of not only being alive but being “awake”. I, myself, enjoy life the most the most when I am up and about, moving around, and trying new things that keep me in this engaged state. Through the achievement of a degree in Human and Organizational Development, along with involvement in creative enterprise, art, dance, and film programs, I hope to learn ways by which I can help others reap a similar degree of inspiration through learning about the world and oneself, especially through artistic expression. I plan to establish an organization at Vanderbilt through which student volunteers can serve as artistic mentors for middle school children, similar to the likes of the Big Brother/Big Sister program, in hopes of encouraging the children and student’s own personal growth through individual expression.

Expected majors: Human and Organizational Development, film studies, and English

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