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The Curb Creative Practice Boot Camp offers a unique opportunity for faculty, staff, students, and Nashville community members to experiment alongside each other as they strengthen their creative capacities. The Curb Bootcamp focuses on creative practice—hands-on workshops that enable participants to experience the joy, the messiness, the range of decisions and trade-offs involved in creative practice. Rather than just listening and talking to experts about improvisation, data visualization, storytelling, or design thinking, participants immerse themselves in creative process—with experts to guide them. Participants develop fundamental insights, techniques, and strategies to inspire and realize creative goals and collaborative work in their personal and professional lives. We think of it as a TedX of creative practice.



Third Annual Creative Practice Boot Camp

Friday, January 23, 2014, at the Curb Center at Vanderbilt

All events are free but require advance registration. Register here:

Waitlist policy: If a session you would like to attend fills up before you can reserve a spot, email with the name and time of the session in the subject line.  We will notify you if a spot becomes available.

2014 Sessions:

Brainstorming with Groups

David A. Owens, Product Designer & Developer,Strategic Innovator, Professor at Vanderbilt University
Brainstorming. We’re told that it’s a tool for generating ideas, but so many of us are reluctant to use it. And it’s no wonder—you’ve probably been to one of those brainstorming sessions where everyone sits with their heads down, furtively glancing at each other when the leader asks them to share their ideas. But that’s not how it has to be. This hands-on workshop will give you a framework for understanding the tension between a group’s information-processing ability and the emotional dynamics that act to constrain it. Then, armed with a few simple insights, a handful of Sharpies, and a big stack of Post-it Notes, you’ll be able to break your team through the “creative people must be stopped” attitude prevalent in so many groups and organizations.



Second City Improv, Lauren Dowden & Rachel Miller
Do you wish you could be more spontaneous and innovative in the classroom, when presenting your work, or on project teams? Do you wish you were better at listening, building on others ideas, or using humor to break through difficult moments? The Second City Master Class Workshop will immerse you in the fundamentals of improvisation.


Sensemaking and Sensegiving

Chris Wales, Organizational Behavior and Communication, Evaluation and Decision Making
“You’re dangerous, ’cos you’re honest.” Do you find that your group often ends up either taking the easy option or becoming mired in complex frustration? Do you find yourselves talking at crosspurposes? Is it hard to make sense of just what is going on and honestly say what you mean so you will be understood? This session focuses on understanding how the concepts of “sensemaking” and “sensegiving” can improve our collective understanding and resolution of group processes and enable increased skills of interpretation.


Networked Knowledge

Ryan Hargrove, Creativity Scholar, Design Educator, and Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at University of Kentucky
Where do good ideas come from? It is a question of intrinsic interest for all of us. Regardless of our discipline, we want to be more creative, we want to come up with better ideas and develop more innovative solutions. Design educator Ryan Hargrove looks at this problem from a cognitive perspective, examining how we can build the capacity to increase levels of creativity and innovation. In order for us to truly create and contribute, we have to be able to connect countless dots, to cross-pollinate ideas from a wealth of disciplines, to combine and recombine these pieces and build new solutions. We will practice a variety of creative strategies using the skill of association, revealing that the most dramatic results happen when ideas are combined and that connecting ideas enables creative leaps.



Tom Douglas, Songwriter
Leslie Satcher, Songwriter, Performer
Are you interested in making music in Music City? In this intimate workshop, you will work with one of Nashville’s hit songwriters to learn the craft of songwriting. Together, workshop participants will write an original song from start to finish. The process will reveal the interplay between storytelling and musical composition and highlight the strategies that songwriters deploy to balance originality with writing a hit that will appeal to a broad public.


Music and Sound Design in Broadcast Media

Aaron Gant, Vice President of Production for Warner/Chappell Production Music
Jeff Lusk,  Music Supervisor, Sound Designer
Warner/Chappell Production Music is an exciting new company owned by legendary music publisher Warner/Chappell Music. Warner/Chappell Production Music’s brands have composed works for countless well-known television shows, films, and companies, including the Today Show, Disney, and Volkswagen.

Ever wonder what goes into creating the sound of everything you watch in broadcast? Music and sound design bring television and movies to life in a way that nothing else can. Even something as simple as a 30-second television commercial contains layers of audio mixed together to create a final soundscape. Learn how it’s done with a hands-on session as we work together to create the sound of a recent broadcast spot.

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