Curb Research

Selected as recipient of 2014 Arts Schools Network Research Initiative: Institution/Organization/Corporation Award.

The award recognizes The Curb Center for its ongoing research and dissemination of knowledge in arts education that foster the goals of the Arts Schools Network and arts education.

“The Curb Center is honored to receive this recognition. We have been working with Indiana University’s Center for Post Secondary Research for seven years to build the largest data set ever assembled — more than 100,000 respondents — to study the careers and training of America’s arts graduates. It is a critical source of information for arts school in America and is helping inform a conversation about the future of arts education. The award will hopefully help the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project continue to advance and serve the field.”

The Curb Center supports evidence-based decision-making. Collecting and interpreting findings help us see our world anew and can help us prioritize and respond. Our research questions originate from different stakeholders: artists, citizens, policy-makers, and different segments of the workforce.  Currently, our work can be categorized into five overlapping areas of interest: