May 8th, 2014

Curb Center Staff to present at International Boys’ Schools Coalition meeting in Nashville

How well are we helping students recognize the creative thinking of others in the readings, exercises, and experiments we assign? How well are we encouraging them to think creatively themselves to complete their own assignments and address opportunities?

These are the questions Curb Center staff will discuss with workshop at the 2014 annual meeting of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC), June 29-July 2, at Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville. Invited because of the Curb Center’s commitment to identifying and nurturing habits of creative practice, staffers Elizabeth Meadows and Heather Rippetoe will help both teachers and administrators of middle and high school-aged boys recognize and support specific skills that foster sought-after skills of collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving. While leading them through a Stanford Design School exercise called “The Wallet Project,” Meadows and Rippetoe will highlight four essential creative competencies: empathic listening, user-centered design, rapid prototyping, and expressive agility.  “We are delighted to be invited to share what we continue to learn about ways to spotlight innovation and creative habits among students and teachers,” says Rippetoe. The pair is also looking forward to conversation with the international participants about creativity and creative practice in their own learning contexts.

The IBSC is a not-for-profit coalition of independent parochial and public schools from around the world dedicated to the education and development of boys world-wide, the professional growth of those who work with them, and the advocacy and the advancement of institutions that serve them. Learn more here.


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