• Creative Campus Initiative

    The Creative Campus Initiative builds the capacity of Faculty, Staff, and Students to harness their creativity and disciplinary knowledge to solve problems and advance innovation for the public good. more

  • Reimagine Higher Education

    We believe a 21st century education requires building creative capacity to solve problems and advance innovation for the public good--in addition to providing disciplinary training.    

  • Build Creative Capacity

    Through our Curb Scholars program, academic innovations, and campus-wide programs, we foster the capacity of faculty, staff, and students to invent and imagine, co-create across disciplines, compellingly express their ideas and stories, and implement novel solutions and innovations.    

  • Develop a Community of Creative Scholars

    The Curb Scholars Program is the first Scholarship in the country focused on creative practice and innovation. We develop students who can ask provocative questions, manage ambiguity, take risks, experiment, and lead innovation for the public good.   

  • Foster Academic Innovation

    We foster curricular innovations that can augment any major on campus--integrating media, design, creative problem solving, and creative expression with rigorous disciplinary training and liberal arts education. more

  • Inspire Curiosity

    Our campus-wide programs and pilots provoke unexpected conversations, collaborations, and campus experiences.    

  • Support Artistic Enterprise

    Our research illuminates how artists develop and sustain creative identities and form community in an enterprise economy.

  • Policy in Dialogue with Research

    Art, enterprise, and public engagement forums encourage conversation between public policy and academic scholarship.

  • Access to Creativity

    We partner with campus and community organizations to foster access to our creative city for everyone.


Current Exhibit

“Transformations: An exhibition inspired by Lily C. Hansen’s Word of Mouth: Nashville Transformations,” opens Thursday, September 1st, with a reception from 5-7pm. Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations offers insight into creative community through stories and portraits, this exhibition highlights a selection of those portraits to encourage reflection and conversation about the Nashville and Nashvillians we choose to portray, and the narratives we create with those choices.

Who We Are

The Curb Center is a national policy center committed to research¬†and teaching that challenges leaders to rethink the place of art and creativity in our world. The Center also functions as a gallery, and currently hosts the campus’s first-ever exhibition of works by art department faculty and staff.


Four photographers, a writer, a drawer, and a sculptor

  • “Transformations” Opening Reception Thursday, September 1st, 5-7pm, 1801 Edgehill Avenue
  • “Transformations” Artists’ Panel Thursday, September 8th, 5-7pm, Seigenthaler Center Lecture Hall, 1207 18th Ave South,¬†featuring Danielle Atkins, Andrea Behrends, Carolyn Boutwell, Stephen Watkins, and Joshua Black Wilkins, and moderated by Lily C. Hansen