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VU e-Innovations is sponsored by the Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization, which markets innovative software, courseware and other specialized products developed at Vanderbilt University. We are proud to offer a variety of products serving industry, research, education, and families. Please visit the VU e-Innovations site or click on a product title below for detailed information.                                                 


BCL::Commons™ (also known as the BioChemistry Library Project) is an object oriented C++ programming library. The library is designed to simulate biological molecules – proteins and peptides in particular – as well as small chemicals such as therapeutics. It comprises mathematical methods to evaluate the energy of these molecules in their natural environment.


ListVUe™ was developed by the Vanderbilt University Division of Sponsored Research. ListVUe improves -- by a significant margin -- the speed and efficiency of searches of the Department of Commerce's Commerce Control List (CCL).

MFA Suite™

The MFA Suite™ (Metabolic Flux Analysis Suite) is a software toolkit providing a powerful approach for quantifying the rates, or “fluxes”, of intracellular metabolic pathways.  The information generated from the MFA Suite of tools is useful for identifying pathway bottlenecks, elucidating network regulation, and quantifying the flow or fate of carbon within a biological system.

Update: MFA suite has a new application, INCA (Isotopomer Network Compartmental Analysis)  which is a MATLAB-based software package for isotopomer network modeling and metabolic flux analysis.   


MOOSES™ (Multi-Option Observation System for Experimental Studies) software makes it easy to collect and analyze data from any type of real time event. Data can be collected using a desktop PC, a laptop, a handheld PC, or a PocketPC and later analyzed across several dimensions. Data collected from digital audio and video files using ProcoderDV™ can also be analyzed using MOOSES™.

Play Nicely™

Play Nicely™ is a video tutorial developed by a pediatrician for parents of pre-school age children, and for the teachers and day care providers who are responsible for the care of these children. The tutorial offers advice on how to manage childhood aggression.


ProcoderDV™ (Procoder for Digital Video) was developed at Vanderbilt University's Kennedy Center to facilitate data collection from digital media in a variety of research projects. ProcoderDV™ catalogs and facilitates the retrieval and replay of specific events that are captured in digital video or audio files.


The Parent Stress Intervention Program consists of two sets of curricula that were developed by staff and faculty at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. These curricula were used in the Parent/Child Stress Intervention Project piloted by Elisabeth Dykens, Ph.D., in 2010-2013 with 250 participants.


The STAT™ (Screening Tool for Autism in Toddlers & Young Children) is an empirically derived, interactive measure that has been developed to screen for autism in children between 24 and 36 months of age. It is designed for use by community service providers who work with young children in assessment or intervention settings and who have experience with autism.


TagDock is an efficient rigid body molecular docking algorithm that generates three-dimensional models of oligomeric biomolecular complexes in instances where there is limited experimental restraint data to guide the docking calculations. Through “distance difference analysis” TagDock additionally recommends followup experiments to further discriminate divergent (score-degenerate) clusters of TagDock’s initial solution models.

The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury™

The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury™ consists of 12 videodisc-based adventures that focus on mathematical problem finding and problem solving. In particular, each adventure provides multiple opportunities for problem solving, reasoning, communication and making connections to other areas such as science, social studies, literature and history (NCTM, 1989; 1991).


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