A System for Growing Small Populations of Living Cells and Monitoring Their Physiological State


This invention combines the microfluidic and microelectronic devices and techniques required for the microminiaturization of cell culture and cell measurement systems to allow monitoring the response of populations of 1 to several hundred living cells. The instrument(s) allows for the detection of extracellular, membrane, and intracellular parameters; and the incorporation of closed-loop control techniques to continuously monitor the health of the cell and adjust the environmental and pharmacological parameters that control the cell.


U.S. Patent 7,704,745: Apparatus and methods for monitoring the status of a metabolically active cell

U.S. Patent 7,713,733: Device and methods for detecting the response of a plurality of cells to at least one analyte of interest

U.S. Patent 7,435,578: Device and methods for monitoring the status of at least one cell

U.S. Patent 7,981,649: Device and methods for monitoring the status of at least one cell

John Wikswo, Jr.R. Robert BalcarcelFranz BaudenbacherDavid CliffelOwen McGuinnessDavid OstermanTed BaptySven EklundJon GilliganAles ProkopYuansheng YangLindsey ClarkTodd MonroeMark StremlerAndreas Werdich
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Ashok Choudhury

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