Software for interactive registration and visualization of tomographic medical images

1) The visualization (2D and 3D) of images. Its main area of application is the visualization of tomographic medical images data sets 2) the interaction with these data sets. The software permits the manual alignment of data sets, the delineation of regions of interest (both in 2D and in 3D), the import and export of these regions of interest, the display of these regions both as contours or as surfaces, as well as the processing of the images (filtering, image enhancement, etc.) 3) The registration of medical images. This software has been designed to permit the realignment of multiple data sets. This realignment can be performed manually and interactively or it can be performed automatically. In the latter case, transformations that permit the realignment of the images can be imported in the software that uses these transformations to realign the images. The software is designed to accept a wide variety of transformations ranging from rigid transformations to non-rigid transformations. These transformations can be modified interactively and re-exported. The software runs on any computer on which the IDL virtual machine runs (currently Windows, Unix, and Mac OS). The software is designed to be user friendly but it does not currently include a user's manual.

Rui LiBenoit DawantRobert Kessler
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Ashok Choudhury

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