Mouse Fc-FGF-1

We produced a plasmid containing the Fc portion of mouse IgGl (Fc) coupled to human fibroblast growth factor 1 (FGF-1). The plasmid was transformed into E. coli to express the fusion protein. The fusion protein was purified on a heparin sepharose column which has high affinity for the FGF portion of the fusion protein. The purpose of making this protein was to be able to identify cells that express receptors for FGF using flow cytometry. There are multiple fluorochrome labeled antibodies to mouse IgGl. When the fusion protein is bound to FGF receptors on cells, the Fc portion is on the surface of the cells and can be detected by fluorochrome labeled antibodies to mouse IgGl. Therefore, cells that express FGF receptors and bind the fusion protein can be detected by flow cytometry or immunofluorescence.
Geraldine Miller
Licensing manager: 
Karen Rufus

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