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Genetic Mutation Underlying Orthostatic Intolerence and Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Screening Methods Related Thereto

The mutation allows for the first genetic test to be conducted for one form of chronic fatigue or mitral valve prolapse which we describe as orthostatic intolerance or postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS). The technology allows for the development of this test and the development of other tests in the same gene at other loci that may contribute to similar illnesses. The awareness of a phenotype associated with the mutation in the antidepressant-sensitive NET allows for evaluation of the role of the NET gene in mental illness and thus the development of genetic tests for increased susceptibility to mental and autonomic illnesses. This is the first neurotransmitter transporter gene defect that has been shown to be linked to a disorder. The precedent act opens the door for screening for other genetic mutations in genetically related transporters such as the serotonin transporter or dopamine transporter. These latter transporters have been implicated in depression anxiety, pscyhostimulant abuse (cocaine/amphetamine) and attention-deficit disorder. Our work allows for genetic inspection of transporter genes associated with these disorders. Our work may also allow for an examination of whether circulating antibodies against the NE transporter are contributory to OI or other chronic fatigue disorders.

Core Ordering and Reporting Enterprise System (CORES™)

CORES™ is a highly configurable, enterprise-wide software solution for research institutions. CORES™ provides full central oversight while also allowing for flexible but consistent decentralized billing and usage functionality for core facilities. This software allows core managers and customers to enter orders using a variety of methods. The software also allows customers in product cores to scan their items at a self-service checkout terminal that provides full real-time inventory management. Orders are accumulated into electronic invoices and e-mailed to customers each month. An electronic upload file containing order information is also created for the finance department. Vanderbilt has approximately 90 internal cores using this software. In addition, the software is used by several other institutions to whom the software has been licensed.

Patient Safety Screening Tool (PSST) for Sepsis

The Patient Safety Screening Tool (PSST) for Sepsis solution is a tool to assist with the early detection of Sepsis and management of the administration of bundle packages as defined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). This web based application relies on integration with bedside medical equipment (BME) data as well as Lab and Registration data so that clinical workflow items can be automated in the fight against Sepsis.

Play Nicely -- Violence Prevention Program for Pre-School Children

Play Nicely is a video series developed by a professor of pediatrics for parents of and for teachers and day care providers who are responsible for pre-school age children. The video series offers advice on how to deal with anti-social and violent behavior among pre-school children and the best methods for modifying such behavior.

Sampling Algorithm for the Reproduction of Complex Digital Signals

This technology utilizes a set of mathematical algorithms that permit fast and robust reconstruction of signals from digital samples without the need to resort to band limitations or uniform sampling. This allows a signal to be digitized in a more sophisticated way, sampling it at frequent intervals when it is rapidly changing, and less often when it is changing slowly. Band limits imposed by uniform sampling are eliminated.


Procoder for Digital Video (ProcoderDV) was developed at the John F. Kennedy Center at Vanderbilt University to facilitate the collection of different forms of observational data from digital media files. Media files can be any files that contain events of interest on digital video or audio files. Data files can be of two general types: event files or transcription files. Files can be exported into MOOSES (Tapp & Wehby, 1995) format or SALT (Miller & Chapman, 1993) format or can be read directly by many popular statistical or spreadsheet programs. A code file can be used in conjunction with ProcoderDV to guide the coder inmarking events for later quantification and analysis.

Fault-Adaptive Control Technology Toolsuite (FACT)

The FACT toolsuite assists engineers working with complex aerospace systems to design and implement control systems that can maintain control even when the controlled system "fails." The tool suite uses a model-based approach where the designer creates design models of the plant and its associated control system, and the tools automatically generate code that implements fault-detection, isolation and control reconfiguration functions.

INTMAN Interval Manager for Windows and Pocket PC

Interval Manager (INTMAN) is a computer-assisted alternative to traditional paper and pencil methods for collecting fixed interval time sampled observational data. The INTMAN data collection software runs on Pocket PC hand held computers and includes a desktop application for Microsoft Windows that is used for data analysis. Standard analysis options include modified frequencies, percent of intervals, conditional probabilities, and Kappa agreement matrices and values.

Multi-Option Observation System for Experimental Studies (MOOSES)

MOOSES (Multi-Option Observation System for Experimental Studies). This software system makes it easy to collect and analyze data about any type of real time events. Data can be collected using your PC, a laptop, A handheld PC, or a PocketPC and later analyzed on several dimensions. Data collected from digital audio and video files using ProcoderDV can also be analyzed using MOOSES. This type of data can help you make accurate assessment of what is happening in the real time system you are observing. Several analysis options are provided and described at the website.

Multiple Simultaneous Acoustic Source Localization in Multipath Environments

Robust and accurate sensor fusion algorithm using time of arrival data for acoustic event localization. The fusion algorithm compensates for incorrect measurements including multipath effects. The algorithm is capable of localizing multiple simultaneous sources with a high degree of accuracy.

Contextualized Feedback Systems

Contextualized feedback intervention and training protocol is a form assessment. It enables behavioral healthcare practitioners to assess and categorize the behavioral health status of patients in a mental health context. It also provides a training protocol for providers.

ListVUe - Automated Tool to Search U.S. Dept. of Commerce Export Control List

ListVUe is a software tool that permits the expeditious search of the United States Department of Commerce Export Control with a higher degree of accuracy than is currently available. This product is designed for any company or institution which is required to comply with U.S. export control laws and regulations.

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