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Mouse ES Stem Cell Line Marking Cardiomyocytes

This is a genetically engineered mouse ES stem cell line marking cardiomyocytes with red fluorescent protein (RFP). These cells have been used in high-throughput screens by Vanderbilt researchers for pro-cardiogenic factors. In addition the construct used in this cell line could be used to mark the cardiac progeny of transplanted stem cells, generate stable human ES cell lines, or engineer iPS for cardiac lineage studies.

Variants of Cyan Fluorescent Protein with Improved Fluorescent Properties

Dr. Piston's group has generated a variant of the enhanced cyan fluorescent protein (ECFP) that has improved brightness, more resistance to photo-bleaching and a fluorescence lifetime that is best fit by a single exponential.

Stable Preparation of Fetal Hemoglobin to Improve Tissue Oxygenation

Dr. Hawiger and colleagues developed a novel form of cell-penetrating fetal hemoglobin. This technology is useful for the treatment of hemoglobinopathies or to increase oxygen delivery in any condition. The preparation is stable and sterile. Upon reconstitution, the treatment can be delivered I.V. or through transfusion.

Luciferase-expressing Embryonic Stem Cell Line for Monitoring wnt or BMP Promotor Activity

The mouse embryonic stem cell line, CGR8, has been genetically modified to express luciferase under the control of either the wnt or the BMP promoter system. This technology allows rapid visualization or genetic modification of wnt and BMP pathways in development.

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