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During the 2014 fiscal year much emphasis was placed on refining practices, expanding services, and improving efficiency for Vanderbilt’s Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization. To accomplish this, CTTC leadership established a set of key strategic initiatives that would be implemented throughout FY14. These initiatives focused on four key areas:

  • process improvement,
  • finance and transaction efficiency,
  • professional development and training, and
  • outreach and engagement.

One of the year’s greatest accomplishments was the launch of MTAShare, an automated system for processing Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs). The system was built by Vanderbilt’s Office of Research Informatics under the direction of Paul Harris, Ph.D. The system launched in February 2014 and has now assisted in the processing of several hundred MTAs, and counting. MTAShare is currently being tested by external users at other universities and will soon be available to technology transfer offices across the country. When this expansion occurs, the real benefit of MTAShare will be felt, as the level of automation scales with the number of users. The system has the potential to save academic research institutions thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars annually.

A second key success of FY14 lies in CTTC’s record number of licensing transactions, which eclipsed 100 for the first time in Vanderbilt’s history. While the sheer quantity of deals is impressive, it’s the quality of deals that is most worthy of recognition. CTTC is one of the only technology transfer offices in the country that quantitatively tracks and measures deal quality. Deal structure, transaction time, royalty rates and other financial terms, diligence obligations, and patent management are factored into the deal quality metric.

Thirdly, CTTC has expanded its role in supporting business development opportunities with worldwide leaders in healthcare, communications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. CTTC works closely with Vanderbilt Corporate Relations, the Office of Contracts Management, the Office of Contract and Research Administration, Development and Alumni Relations, Office of General Counsel, Office of Sponsored Programs and others to create opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders to further develop Vanderbilt technologies and capitalize on research expertise uniquely possessed at Vanderbilt. Such efforts have resulted in a plurality of substantive collaborations generating valuable research support for the institution.

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