New Venture News: 100-Day Workout, KaiNexus drive big savings at Vanderbilt

Some powerful work is going on behind the walls of Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Outpatient Center. The Center embarked on a 100-Day Workout to identify ways they could improve internal processes. Project managers Suz Kaprich and Layle Kenyon utilized KaiNexus, a cloud-based process improvement platform, to help them manage and share ideas, track their progress, and implement sustainable improvements to their daily operations. The results, as Kaprich and Kenyon share in the video below, far exceeded their expectations. 

When CTTC heard about the Center's 100-Day Workout using KaiNexus, we were immediately intrigued but for slightly different reasons than you might expect. KaiNexus' core software was developed at Vanderbilt by Dr. Gregory Jacobson, a former emergency medicine doctor and faculty member at VUMC. In 2009, Jacobson, and business partner Matt Paliulis, licensed the technology from Vanderbilt and KaiNexus was born. KaiNexus is now being used in more than 20 different organizations primarily in healthcare delivery including VUMC, University of North Carolina Heath Care, Mary Greeley Medical Center, and Centra Health.  Read more about their story here.

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