Incoming MTAs from Industry

Incoming MTAs from Industry:

For transferring materials from a company to a Vanderbilt researcher, the degree of difficulty is greatly increased because company providers do not have a single template accepted by all companies. Each MTA is tailored by the company and oftentimes to the specific material you request. For-profit companies generally regard any materials they provide to the academic community as highly proprietary and will do so only if the recipient organization agrees to certain terms. Usually the terms involve some first right for the provider to license any discoveries made by the PI as a result of using the company material. Some of the company-proposed terms may be in conflict with Vanderbilt University policies and/or NIH Guidelines. CTTC will work with the provider company to arrive at terms which are consistent with Vanderbilt policy and, for NIH Guidelines if the PI is a NIH grant recipient. Requests for deviations from Vanderbilt policy will require the signature of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs or the Provost.

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