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In 2011, Vanderbilt’s leadership took action to fulfill its vision of creating a technology commercialization function better positioned to leverage the innovative talent of its faculty, staff and students. The Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization (CTTC) was repositioned within the institution and redesigned to deliver on this vision. Essential to the redesign was the entrustment of the center to Dr. Gordon Bernard, who oversees the management of many aspects of research and development in the Vanderbilt Medical School, including the Office of Contracts Management, the Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, and the Institutional Review Board, among others, as well as the recruitment of Alan Bentley to lead CTTC’s efforts.

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CTTC staff embraced the opportunity to expand its capabilities and services to match the rapidly increasing interest by faculty, staff and students to move Vanderbilt innovations from the lab bench to the marketplace to benefit society. As part of this effort, the Center altered its mix of professional expertise and scientific and transactional knowledge. Dr. Kenneth Holroyd, assistant vice chancellor for research and associate prrofessor of anesthesiology and medicine, accepted the leadership role of CTTC Medical Director, through which he provides strategy and guidance to the operation. A detailed, transparent process for consistently and professionally managing commercialization efforts was implemented, and a Faculty Advisory Committee -- comprised of faculty representing the schools of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Peabody, and the School of Medicine -- was convened to give this critical stakeholder group a voice in the direction of the Center.  These are all critical elements of an evolving business model for CTTC that focuses on producing results, improving inventor service, creating value and impacting society. Watch the short video or click on the brochure to learn more.



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