Vanderbilt I-Corps Team Winners

Fall 2013: NYC, NY Cohort

Winner: Team EndoInsight

EL: Byron Smith

PI: Pietro Valdastri

About: EndoInSight is a disposable CO2 insufflation system for the colonoscopy market that will help clinicians improve patient outcomes while reducing procedure and recovery times.

Spring / Summer 2014: Ann Arbor, MI Cohort

Winner: Team Filtergraph

EL: Dan Burger, Rachel-Chloe Gibbs

PI: Keivan Stassun

About: Filtergraph ( is a web application designed to flexibly and rapidly visualize large datasets. The user loads a dataset in a variety of supported file types into Filtergraph, which automatically generates an interactive data portal that can be easily shared with others.

Fall 2014: Austin, TX Cohort

Winner: Team PinPtr

EL: Will Hedgecock

PI: Ákos Lédeczi

About: Cloud-based positioning system using our own patent-pending localization methodology and a network of stationary base stations.

Fall 2014: Austin, TX Cohort

Winner: Team VenoStent

EL: Timothy Boire

PI: Hak-Joon Sung

About: VenoStent is designed to prevent intimal hyperplasia so that the initial coronary artery bypass grafting procedure is more successful and does not require re-do operations.

Winter 2015: Berkeley, CA Cohort

Winner: Team SMAC

EL: Ekawahyu Susilo

PI: Pietro Valdastri

About: The STORM Lab Modular Architecture for Capsules (SMAC) is a modular open-source architecture for building capsule robots aiming to provide the users with a tool to shorten capsule robot design and development time.


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