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CTP Fellowship Description:

The CTP Fellowship is awarded to up to 4 students from each of Vanderbilt University’s participating professional schools.  The purpose of the fellowship is to support the leadership development of Vanderbilt’s professional students.  The requirements for the fellowship include the following:

1.  Participation in the CTP Summer Leadership Retreat.  This year, the  retreat takes place at Montgomery Bell State Park in TN.   At this retreat, students will explore issues of professionalism, leadership and ethics through as series of workshops and guided conversations. 

2.  Participation in the CTP “leadership laboratory.”  The leadership laboratory provides participants with an opportunity to explore their leadership skills in a local setting in Nashville.  We seek to address issues of moral concern that cross the professions.  In past years, we worked on issues of homelessness, poverty, intimate violence, immigration and at risk-teen nutrition. The Fellows will be divided into groups of up to 4 students who will be assigned a Community Partner to work with over the course of the year.  The leadership laboratories require:

    • Attendance of 4 (2 per semester) Saturday Mini Retreats with their Community Partner.
    • The Mini Retreats will be followed up 2 weeks later with a lunch meeting.
    • Each group will present one case study during the year at the lunch meetings (Each group will be assigned their date at the retreat). The rest of the Fellows will act as peer to peer coaches and discuss the case study during the meeting. Community Partners will be invited to the luncheons to observe and interact further with the Fellows.
    •  In addition to providing hands-on leadership, each group will also submit a brief report (1-3 pages) on their experience at the end of the academic year to their Community Partner (at the end of the year dinner). 

3.  Fellows are highly encouraged to attend all events to enrich their experience as well as the experience of the other Fellows and Community Partners over the course of the year.    

4.  Finally, participants should expect to serve as ambassadors for the CTP in their schools, and to advise the program director and staff, in order to help build a more effective program.

In exchange for their participation, fellows receive all the benefits of participation, a CTP leadership certificate, and a stipend.



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