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CTP Fellowship

The CTP Fellowship is awarded to students from each of Vanderbilt University’s participating professional schools (Divinity, Education, Law, Medicine, Management, Nursing) with the purpose of supporting their leadership development. Fellows do not apply but are nominated by the Deans of their professional schools. In exchange for their participation, Fellows receive the benefits of collaboration, experience and education, as well as a CTP leadership certificate and a  $1000 stipend, paid in two installments in December and May. 

The REQUIREMENTS for the CTP Fellowship include the following:


CTP Fellows are required to participate in a Leadership Retreat held at the beginning of the academic year. During this weekend event, Fellows will explore issues of professionalism, leadership and ethics through guided conversations and group work. Readings and exercises will be supplied before the retreat in order to best prepare us for thoughtful discussion. Our upcoming retreat will be held on September 17-18, 2016, at Evins Mill in Smithville, TN ( On Saturday night, Fellows will be housed two to a room, with a fellow from a different professional school, with lodging and food provided by the Cal Turner Program. The retreat is a non-negotiable requirement; do not accept the Fellowship if you cannot attend this weekend.


CTP Fellows employ their leadership skills by working on inter-professional teams with local nonprofits. These nonprofits serve as our Community Partners for the academic year. Fellows will be introduced to the Partners at our first lunch meeting, and will then be asked to rank them according to preference for team assignment. We will try to place every Fellow in one of their top three choices, but that may not be possible given the need to form teams including students from multiple professions.

Each Fellows Team will meet at least twice a semester with their Community Partner to strategize and implement a plan for addressing a specific challenge faced by the nonprofit. In this way, the Fellows serve as students of, and consultants to, their partners. The goal is for the Fellows Team to provide approximately 30 hours of service total during the academic year to their Community Partner, which may include direct service, attendance at the organization’s events, and/or research on their own time.

In addition to time spent in service to their Community Partners, Fellows are required to participate in meetings throughout the academic year, at which we will continue discussing issues of ethical professionalism, and collaborate in support of each team’s work with our partner non-profits. During the fall semester, CTP staff and Fellows will discuss the challenges the teams are facing, and strategize potential solutions together. During the spring semester, each Fellows team will present a 20-minute case study to the rest of the Fellows at a lunch event. Upon the project's completion, that case study will be presented to the Community Partner, by the end of the semester. Finally, Fellows will reflect on their individual experiences and development in a concluding assessment. Please note that meetings and assignments are not included in the 30 hours of direct service, but include an additional time investment by the Fellows, adding up to at least 50 hours of time invested in the CTP Fellowship (not including the retreat weekend).


CTP Fellows are asked to serve as liaisons between the CTP and their professional schools. They are to serve as ambassadors representing the program to other students and faculty in their schools, increasing CTP’s presence and impact on campus.  Further, they are to provide feedback and advice to CTP staff in order to build a better program that can meet their schools’ needs most effectively.