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Fellows Program

The CTP Fellowship is awarded to students from each of Vanderbilt University’s participating professional schools, with the purpose of supporting their leadership development. In exchange for their participation, fellows receive the benefits of collaboration, experience and education, as well as a CTP leadership certificate and a $1000 stipend, paid in two installments in December and May.  
The requirements for the fellowship include the following:


—an annual gathering of fellows at the beginning of the academic year. 


CTP fellows are required to participate in the CTP Leadership Laboratory, which provides them with an opportunity to employ their leadership skills in a nonprofit setting in Nashville. The Fellows will be divided into interdisciplinary teams of up to 4 students who will be assigned a Community Partner to work with over the course of the year. The fellows will be expected to provide leadership and consultation rather than simply volunteer hours. Our purpose is to help our partners make progress on adaptive challenges, those that require more than technical expertise and benefit from innovative, collaborative thinking.
The components of this laboratory include the following:

4 Partner Engagement Days: 

Each team will meet twice a semester with their Community Partners to discuss further what it means to be a non-profit in Nashville; spend a day with the communities they serve; and assess, identify and think through a challenge the Community Partner faces. In this way, the Fellows serve as students of and consultants to their partners. These daylong meetings are scheduled by the teams and their partners to be held some time within certain weeks designated by the CTP.  These designations are meant to provide useful structure to the program, but may be adjusted if the Community Partner has a special event or some other need that necessitates a schedule change. Such changes should be planned in concert with the Fellows Team. Also, if the Community Partner and Fellows Team agree, they may split the daylong meetings into half-days or other time increments. The goal is for the Fellows Team to provide 30 hours of service total during the academic year to their Community Partner, which may include direct service, event attendance and research on their own time. Fellows Teams and their Community Partners should designate their schedule for the year at their first Partner Engagement session. 

1 Case Study:

Each team will write and present a three-to-five page case study about the challenge they have chosen to address with their Community Partners.  The CTP will provide instruction on how to write these case studies. 

4 Fellows Luncheons:

At four luncheons scheduled throughout the academic year, each Fellows Team will present their case studies. The other fellows will act as peer-to-peer coaches and discuss the case study. Community Partners will be invited to provide their support and fellowship as well.  

2 Dinners:

To foster fellowship and feedback, fellows will attend two dinners, a social event in December and a concluding celebration in April. 

1 Final Report:

Each team will write a one-to-three page report on their experience including any resolutions to the challenge they addressed. This report will be submitted to their Community Partner at the closing dinner in April.  More information about what to include in this report will be provided by the CTP. 


CTP Fellows are required to serve as liaisons between the CTP and their professional schools.  They are to serve as ambassadors representing the program to other students and faculty in their schools, increasing CTP’s presence and impact on campus.  And they are to provide feedback and advice to CTP staff in order to build a better program that can meet their schools’ needs most effectively.