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Prison Conference: Re-visioning Justice

The Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership in the Professions has a mission to elevate moral awareness—especially of those who work in the professions: medicine, nursing, education, engineering, law, religion and business management—and to invite professionals to work across disciplinary boundaries to address issues of ethical importance. Accordingly, growing out of a challenge from the Rev. Joe Ingle, we have started a working group to address a fundamental moral challenge facing American society: the rate and forms of incarceration in this country. It is clear that the prison system in the United States is broken, and is contributing to the continued breaking of lives, of families, and of communities. The CTP Working Group on Re-Visioning Justice will convene academics and activists to consider the problems that attend mass incarceration and the death penalty, and to strategize ways to address them. To start, this group will meet once a month at Vanderbilt, hosted by the CTP. We hope the exact purposes of our gatherings will develop in conversation. However, at the beginning, we are motivated by a desire to learn more about re-visioning justice in Nashville, the state, and the South more generally, and by an interest in creating connections among the relevant players working in this area. In addition, as part of a University, the CTP is interested in learning more about the possibilities of extending the educational experience into prisons. Our hope is that we can develop a working group that is mutually supportive of its members, and that can facilitate collaboration and increased learning over the long haul. Further, we will collaborate on the creation of a conference to be held in April 2015, featuring key note addresses by Howard Zehr and Bryan Stevenson.  

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