Communication of Science & Technology

Minor Requirements (24 hours)

  1. Required Courses (9 hours): One class from each of these three groups:

    1. Communication Studies 237 (Communication of Science, Engineering, and Technology)

    2. English
      • English 120W - Intermediate Composition
      • English 200 - Intermediate Nonfiction Writing
      • English 201 - Advanced Nonfiction Writing

    3. Communication Studies
      • Communication Studies 201 - Persuasion
      • Communication Studies 204 - Organizational and Managerial Communication

  2. Selected Courses (15 hours):
    1. two courses from the Natural Science list for the major
    2. a total of two courses from the Engineering list for the major; or Materials Science & Engineering 150 (Material Science I) and one course from the Engineering list for the major.
    3. one course from any of the courses listed above for the major.
Note: No more than two of the selected courses can be taken in any one department.