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                Music, Religion and the South: An Interdisciplinary Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

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Project Directors

Gregory Barz, Associate Professor of Musicology (Ethnomusicology), Blair School of Music
John McClure,
Charles G. Finney Professor of Homiletics, Chair of the Graduate Department of Religion
Allison Pingree, Director of the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

Précis"Music, Religion and the South" presents rich opportunities for faculty research regarding disciplinarity (and interdisciplinarity) in the university. During the three-year course of the research project, the core group of faculty will consider prior scholarship on music, religion, and the South, while focusing on select themes, issues, questions, and problems that arise when music, religion, and the South are understood to be interactive and coextensive. While music, religion and the South do not themselves constitute scholarly "disciplines" as such, they nevertheless represent fields of study, and thus offer opportunities for reflection on and active engagement of academic interdisciplinarity.

Music, Religion and the South Project Proposal (pdf)

Project Fellows
James Byrd, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research and Assistant Professor of American Religious History, Graduate Department of Religion and Divinity School
Robin Jensen, Luce Chancellor's Professor of the History of Christian Worship and Art, Graduate Department of Religion and Divinity School
Richard Lloyd, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Michael Rose, Associate Professor of Composition, Blair School of Music

Graduate Research Fellows
David Perkins, Graduate Deptartment of Religion (2004-present)
Jewly Hight, Vanderbilt Divinity School (2005-present)
effrey Sheehan, Graduate Department of Religion (2005-present)

Consultants Sherry Linkon, Professor of English; Coordinator of American Studies; Co-Director, Center for Working-Class Studies, Youngstown State University

Music, Religion and the South Events and News

For detailed information on the Music, Religion and the South project God in Music City, please visit the God in Music City Website.

Benevolent Tornado: An Unlikely Fellow Plans a Southern Rock Festival: Richard Lloyd, Music, Religion and the South Project Fellow, covers local artist in the Nashville Scene. [August 2006]

The following courses were developed as part of the project on Music, Religion and the South and draw on that project's work on interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

The Ethicality of Music (Michael Rose) VU Blair/A&S Music (Fall 2007).

Music and Religion: God in Music City (Allison Pingree and Greg Barz) Blair School of Music (Spring 2008).

Music and Religious Identity (John McClure) 2nd Presbyterian, Adult education.

Religion and War (James Byrd) GDR/Divinity graduate course.

The Blues (Gregory Barz) VU Blair/A&S undergraduate course.