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“ Whoever digs a pit will fall into it
Proverbs 26:27a


Project Director
Volney Gay, Professor & Chair of Religious Studies; Director, Center for the Study of Religion and Culture; Professor of Psychiatry; and Professor of Anthropology

About the Seminar
This one-year seminar addresses issues found in an interdisciplinary understanding of archaeology. It includes Vanderbilt anthropologists, Aramaicists, art historians, classicists, humanists, and social scientists. A threefold process guides the meetings of this seminar: first the seminar will identify commonalities in the use of archaeology to address the history and study of religion, second it will share a reading/summation of texts selected by the seminar participants, and third it will utilize a process called "Dialogue Mapping" to help document the diversity and complexity of these issues.

Project Fellows
Annalisa Azzoni, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures
William R. Fowler, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Douglas Knight, Drucilla Moore Buffington Professor of Hebrew Bible; Director, Center for the Study of Religion and Culture
Betsey Robinson, Associate Professor of History of Art
Barbara Tsakirgis, Associate Professor of Classics and Art History; Chair, Department of Classical Studies
Steve A. Wernke, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Bronwen Wickkiser, Assistant Professor of Classical Studies

Graduate Research Fellow
Brandon J. Simonson, Divinity