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Current Projects   

Archaeology and Religion Professor Volney Gay (Religious Studies, Psychiatry, Anthropology), Director.

Religion and Economy Professors James Foster (Economics) and Douglas Meeks (Theology and Wesleyan Studies), Directors.

Ecology and Spirituality in America: Exploring Possibilities for Cultural Transformation Professors Beth Conklin (Anthropology, Religious Studies) and David Wood (Philosophy), Directors.

Scales and Hierarchies: Implications for Science and Religion Professors Volney Gay (Religious Studies, Psychiatry, Anthropology) and Richard Haglund (Physics), Directors.

Religion and Genetics Professors Larry Churchill (Medical Ethics) and Ellen Wright Clayton (Genetics and Health Policy, Law, Pediatrics), Directors.

Music, Religion and the South Professors Greg Barz (Blair School of Music) John McClure (Religion) and Allison Pingree (Director of the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching), Directors.

Religion and Politics Professors Douglas Knight (Hebrew Bible) and Paul Speer (Human and Organizational Development) Directors.

Men, Masculinities, and Fatherhood: Sexuality, Race, and Religion in South Africa and the United States Professors Tracy Sharpley-Whiting (French, African American & Diaspora Studies) and Gilman Whiting (African American & Diaspora Studies), Directors.

The Suffering Body: Asian and Western Perspectives Professors Ellen Armour (Theology), Douglas Knight (Hebrew Bible) and Richard King (Religious Studies), Directors.

Theories of Religion Publication Project: The CSRC Theories of Religion publication project is being directed by CSRC Senior Research Fellow Richard King. This project will produce a substantial textbook on theories of religion that is accessible, comprehensive and cutting-edge in its thinking toward the future of studying religion.

Development Projects

Religion and Film Professor Sam Girgus (English), Director.

Religion and Literatures Professor Patricia Ward (French and Comparative Literature), Director.

Special Projects

Osama Bin Laden Reading Group: This faculty group gathered to read Bin Laden's speeches and writings to dig for understanding: "Bin Laden Group Digs for Insights" [February 2, 2006] The Christian Science Monitor.

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