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In June of 2009, the Center for the Study of Religion and Culture (CSRC) will close its doors after six years. The CSRC thanks all the faculty, students, and community members who contributed to its success.

The Center was established in 2003 by the University to develop, promote, and increase faculty research at the intersections of religion and culture. Part of a larger University effort to promote cross-disciplinary scholarship, the CSRC draws upon faculty from Vanderbilt’s ten schools and colleges to advance a well-recognized history of excellence in the study of religion and culture. The CSRC makes use of broad understandings of religion and culture to engage a wide variety of religious traditions and spiritual practices in the world’s cultures.

An intellectual incubator, the CSRC helps develop projects in these broad intellectual categories through small grants, graduate fellowships, and co-sponsorship of lectures, seminars, and conferences. The CSRC also awards faculty stipends for participation in large group research projects for up to three years. These groups are primarily comprised of current Vanderbilt faculty. Beyond funding, CSRC staff, graduate fellows, and research assistants provide research, administrative, and publication support for these faculty groups. Finally, the CSRC promotes the study of religion and culture in the broader public domain by hosting research conferences and other events.

See "The Study of Religion at Vanderbilt" (pdf) for a detailed description of Vanderbilt University's programs in the study of religion.

Cornerstone Article -- the CSRC is highlighted as a vital locus for tackling pressing issues of religion and culture, including religion and terror, from many perspectives. Dr. Volney Gay, co-director of the CSRC, notes, "We want dissent. We mant more debate, not less. We want differences... of thinking and articulation."

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