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Vanderbilt University: Religion and Genomics





David Abram
Wild Being


Bill Martin, (Philosophy, De Paul)
Animals and truth: At the limits of humanism, Marxism, and deconstruction


Roger Gottlieb, (Philosophy/Religious Studies, Worcester Polytechnic)
The Spirit of Ecological Democracy


Peter Steeves, (Philosophy, De Paul)
The Man Who Mistook His Meal for a Hotdog


John Sanbonmatsu, (Philosophy, Worcester Polytechnic)
On the Animal Question


Ben Hale, (Philosophy and Environmental Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder)
Tongue Tied: How Non-human Animals Lose their Voice in Habermas's Discourse Ethics


Carol Gigliotti, (Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver)
The Case for Critical Animal Studies


Len Lawlor, (Philosophy, Memphis)
“Auto-Affection and Becoming: Following the Rats” (Derrida and Deleuze)


Irene Klaver, (Philosophy/Religious Studies, UNT Denton)
Dead River Talking


Al Lingis, (Philosophy, Penn State)
Understanding the Intelligence of Other Species


Donald Turner, (Philosophy, Nashville State Community College)
The Trace of God in the Trace of the Other Animal


Cary Wolfe, (English, Rice)
Flesh and Finitude: Diamond, Derrida, Coetzee


Carrie Rohman, (English, Pittsburgh)
Animality and the Aesthetic: Coetzee, Grosz, and A Dog’s Voice


Kari Weil, (College of Letters, Wesleyan University)
The Aesthetics of Attunement or Looking at Animals Looking


Ralph Acampora, (Philosophy, Hofstra)
Inventionist Ethology: Sustainable Designs for Reawakening Human-Animal Interactivity




Ellen Armour (Divinity)
Michael Bess (History)
Beth A. Conklin (Anthropology and Religious Studies)
Colin Dayan (English)
Sara Figal (Germanic & Slavic Languages)
Lisa Guenther (Philosophy)
Richard King (Religious Studies)
Jonathan Lamb (English)
Kelly Oliver (Philosophy)
Gay Welch (Religious Studies)
David Wood (Philosophy)