GIMC Strange Bedfellows


Join GIMC at The Basement!Join GiMC at The Basement listening room for an evening of songs and personal stories and perspectives from openly gay Christian performers.                                March 13, 2008 - 7:00pm


PM 7 

The Basement - 1604 8th Ave - S Nashville, TN - 37203    Strange Bedfellows mixes ingredients that people may assume act like oil and water when they’re tossed in together—gay and lesbian identity, devout Christian faith and gospel pop music in a Southern context. For one evening at the Basement listening room, Nashville-based performers such as TRiLiGi—a vocal trio comprised of Steve Morris, Bob Allen and Daniel Vincent that regularly sings everywhere from churches to bars—and others will take the stage to present their music and to talk about what it means to make music that draws from the many seemingly conflicting layers of who they are. Ellen Armour—Vanderbilt Divinity School theology professor, author and director of the Carpenter Program in Religion, Gender and Sexuality—and Jewly Hight—music critic, artist, Vanderbilt Divinity School degree candidate and author of a 2006 Nashville Scene article on this very topic titled “Strange Bedfellows”—will interview the performers. It’s not often that a night spent in a live music venue promises to be this entertaining and thought-provoking.

Music, Discussion, Idenitity

Pairing live music and compelling discussion, the event will challenge assumptions about mutually exclusive identities (regional, sexual, religious and artistic), explore music as a reinforcer or clarifier of identity, and examine how complex constellations of human identity shapes music, grounding the conversation in the unique context of Nashville.

Facilitated by Jewly Hight


Jewly Hight is a music writer who contributes regularly to national and regional publications including the Nashville Scene, No Depression, American Songwriter, Paste, Georgia Music Magazine and others. She's also spent the past three years studying for a Master of Theological Studies degree and completing the Carpenter Program in Religion Gender and Sexuality at Vanderbilt Divinity School. Hight is slowly chipping away at a book with the working title of Tryin' Hard To Be a Happy Woman: The Spiritual Concerns of Americana Women and she'll release her debut solo album, Darlin' Understand, in early 2008.