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The CSRC thanks the generous donors who contributed to our success.

Friends of the CSRC

Ms. Cherie Ann Booker
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Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cook, Jr.
Dr. Margaret Parks Cowan
The Rev. James Burt Davis
Mr. David J. Farmer, Sr.
Mrs. Noah Fehl

Dr. Frank Gulley, Jr.
The Rev. Charles D. Harvey
Mr. Doug Hendrix
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Dr. C. Douglas Mayo
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The Rev. Donald Alfred Nunnelly
Joshua Edward Perry, J.D., M.T.S.
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Mr. Robert C. Rothman
Mrs. Rowena E. Rothman
The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. William E. Sanders

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Mrs. Sandra J. McSeveney
Prof. Samuel T. McSeveney
Mr. W. Alexander Steele, III
Dr. Glen J. Stewart
Mr. James Kenneth Townsend and Mrs. Nancy Surratt Townsend
The Rev. V. Ann Van Dervoort
Dr. Townsend L. Walker, Sr.
The Rev. Glenda Stanton Webb
Dr. Paul Whittemore
Dr. Taylor M. Wray
Mrs. Evelyn B. Wright

Metanexus Templeton Research Lectures in Religion and Science Matching Fund Opportunity -- The Metanexus Institute has awarded the CSRC a $20,000 challenge grant for the 2007-2008 academic year. In addition to the generous funding awarded to the Center for the Templeton Research Lectures program, this challenge grant matches dollar for dollar donations given to the CSRC for the Religion and Science initiative. This program supports public lectures, publications, web postings, panel discussions, and faculty and graduate student research dedicated to advancing the dialogue between Religion and Science.