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Student Spotlights

The SSMV is an exciting and dynamic environment and our students are dynamic as well. Representing 8 different MNPS high schools, our students are not only academically talented and passionate about science but have other interests as well.



Yenny – Hume-Fogg Academy Magnet  High School – Class of 2015

“I can’t imagine my high school life without SSMV. By being in this program, I have learned not only skills, but gained confidence, perseverance and patience: traits that I’ll value and carry with me for the rest of my life. My experiences in the SSMV, in addition to the brilliant and hilarious people I’ve met there, have encouraged me, matured me and taught me, whether intentionally or not, something new and exciting every day.

As Yenny begins her senior year at the SSMV and Hume-Fogg, her activities and accomplishments are truly remarkable. She is one of our many students who are dedicated volunteers. Yenny enjoys her time helping refugees and others learn English as an ESL tutor. She also helps out at the Adventure Science Center where she talks to younger kids about science. Yenny is also the vice-president of her school’s chapters of Science Olympiad and National Honor Society and enjoys contributing her leadership skills to these offices. We have certainly been impressed by her leadership and research in Dr. Kathy Friedman’s lab working with yeast this past summer. 



Saba – Hume Fogg Academic Magnet School – Class of 2016

"The SSMV has showed me that not everything at the school has to be science-oriented. While pursuing my scientific goals, I have learned so much more about the larger things in life, like being confident, applying my knowledge, and making a real impact on the society that surrounds me."

Scientific goals are just one set of aspirations for Saba, a highly goal-oriented student. She was recently elected junior class president at Hume-Fogg and was also re-elected for the third year in a row as a class representative in her SSMV junior class. Among the many things that make Saba a great leader and role model is her community-mindedness. She is among several SSMV student volunteers at the Adventure Science Center. She is also the secretary of the American Red Cross Club that works to organize blood drives.




Zach – Hume Fogg Academic Magnet School  – Class of 2017

“I really love being a part of the SSMV! It has provided me with so much knowledge and ability that I have been able to use both in school and out in the world.”

As Zach’s quote implies, he is a dedicated student who loves science but has many other interests as well.He has been a member of his school’s Quiz bowl team since middle school, honing both his knowledge and his improve and communication skills. He is also a member of the National Junior Classical League and, given his interest in friendly competition, participates in certamen Latin competitions. Zach also loves to perform and is currently involved in two shows, Hume-Fogg's musical The King and I, and in a community theater production of the Wizard of Oz.



Eghosa – Hillsboro High School – Class of 2016

“The SSMV is great place to not only make new friends but to have a new learning experience. I have only had two classes at the SSMV but I have learned so much in the time I have been there. For example, I had heard of GFP (green florescent protein) before attending the SSMV but the SSMV gave me the opportunity to view the GFP under a microscope as it interacted with the nervous system of a C. elegans. I am very happy to be attending the SSMV and cannot wait to learn more about the world around me.”

Eghosa is genuine in her desire to have new learning experiences. As a freshman, in addition to the SSMV, she is learning a new instrument, the guitar. She is a multi-instrumentalist who also plays the piano and the tuba. In middle school, she played tuba in the band and performed in concerts such as the Trills & Thrills festival. Eghosa plays soccer to stay active and healthy and spent a good part of her summer watching the World Cup (as did the SSMV faculty) cheering for Brazil.

If you are interested in applying to be a student at the School for Science and Math, see our  Prospective Students  section or jump straight to the  Application Information Page .