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Program Schedule

Thursday, February 28

7:00 - 9:00 PM Welcome Reception and Dinner at the residence of John Geer, 5037 High Valley Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027
Hotel guests meet shuttle at drive through in front of Embassy Suites at Vanderbilt Hotel at 6:30 PM


Friday, March 1

9:00-9:15 AM

Welcome and Introductions - Flynn Auditorium - Vanderbilt Law School

9:15-10:30 AM

"The Beginnings of Representation in America: The Relationship between Representatives and Constituents in the Colonial Era"

Peverill Squire (Missouri)
Discussant: Wendy Schiller (Brown)


10:45-12:00 PM

"Women Don't Run? Gender Differences in Candidate Entry"

Jonathan Woon (Pittsburgh) & Kris Kanthak (Pittsburgh)
Discussant: Yanna Krupnikov (Northwestern)


12:00 PM

"From Lost to Found:  The Miller-Stokes Book Manuscript and its Implications for Democratic Theory"

Christopher Achen (Princeton)

2:00-3:15 PM

"The Legislative Median and Policymaking in Multiparty Governments"

Lanny Martin (Rice) & Georg Vanberg (North Carolina—Chapel Hill)
Discussant: Karen Jusko (Stanford)


3:30-5:00 PM "Representation in Context: Election Laws and Ideological Congruence between Citizens and Governments" (APSA Presidential Address)
G. Bingham Powell (Rochester)


5:45 PM Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos hosts dinner at the Vanderbilt University Residence - Cocktails 6:30 p.m. with dinner following at 7:00 p.m. Shuttles required. Pick up will be at the Embassy Suites at Vanderbilt Hotel and Kirkland Hall at 5:45 p.m.


Saturday, March 2

9:00-10:15 AM

"Has Joint Scaling Solved the Achen Objection to Miller and Stokes?"

Jeffrey Lewis & Chris Tausanovitch (UCLA)
Discussant: Joshua Clinton (Vanderbilt)

10:15-11:30 AM

"Rewarding Effort, Not Results: How Parties Own Issues Because of Their Priorities, Not Their Performance"

Patrick Egan (New York University)
Discussant: Gregory Koger (Miami)

11:45-1:00 PM "On the Representativeness of Primary Electorates"
John Sides (George Washington University) & Lynn Vavreck (UCLA)
Discussant: Shigeo Hirano (Columbia)


2:00-3:15 PM

"Candidates' Perception of Constituent Opinion: Evidence From the National Candidate Study"

David Broockman (California—Berkeley) & Christopher Skovron (Michigan)
Discussant: Nicholas Carnes (Duke)


3:30-5:00 PM Roundtable on Studying Representation
Robert Erikson (Columbia)
Jane Mansbridge (Harvard)
Bruce Oppenheimer (Vanderbilt)
Susan Stokes (Yale)
John Zaller (UCLA)


6:45 PM The Southern Steak And Oyster

Shuttles leave Embassy Suites at Vanderbilt Hotel and return at 9:15 PM

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Upcoming Events

January 27th - CSDI seminar with Jennifer Hochschild, Harvard

February 3rd- CSDI seminar with Eric Schickler, UC Berkeley

Latest Research

1/9/17 - CSDI Workng Paper 2017-1 titled "Political Control and the Presidential Spending Power" has been released. The paper is authored by David E. Lewis

12/22/16 - CSDI Working Paper 2016-4 titled "Are Bipartisan Lawmakers More Effective?" has been released. The paper is authored by Craig Volden and Alan E. Wiseman

11/30/16 - CSDI Working Paper 2016- 3 titled "Information Dissemination, Competitive Pressure, and Politician Performance between Elections: A Field Experiment in Uganda." has been released. The paper is authored by Guy Grossman and Kristin Michelitch

5/25/16 - CSDI Working Paper 2016-2 titled "Economic Development, Mobility and Political Discontent: An Experimental Test of Tocqueville's Thesis in Pakistan." has been released. The paper is authored by Andrew Healy, Katrina Kosec and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo

5/15/16 - CSDI Working Paper 2016 -1 titled "Social Exclusion and Political Identity: The Case of Asian American Partisanship" has been released. The paper is authored by Alexander Kuo, Neil Malhorta and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo

12/15/15 - CSDI Working Paper 2015 - 3 titled "Delegation and Bureaucratic Policymaking in the Presence of Binding Legal Constraints: Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There..." has been released. The paper is authored by Alan E. Wiseman and John R. Wright



6/30/15 CSDI Working Paper 2015-2 titled "Controlling Agency Choke Points: Presidents and Regulatory Personnel Turnover" has been released. The paper is authored by Kathleen M. Doherty, David E. Lewis and Scott Limbocker.

4/1/15 CSDI Working Paper 2015-1 titled"Incorporating Legislative Effectiveness into Nonmarket Strategy: The Case of Financial Services Reform and the Great Recession"has been released. The paper is authored by Craig Volden and CSDI Affiliate Alan E. Wiseman.

12/19/14 CSDI Working Paper 2014-7 titled ''Spatial Models of Legislative Effectiveness''has been released. The paper is authored by Matthew P. HittCraig Volden, and CSDI Affiliate Alan E. Wiseman.

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Media Spotlight

Washington Post- Monkey Cage - 11/9/16 - Co-Director Larry Bartels explains that "2016 was an ordinary election, not a realignment."

Vox - 10/14/16 - CSDI Co-Director Larry Bartels and Chris Achen's book "Democracy For Realists" is described as  "...the best book to help you understand the wild 2016 campaign."

NY Times - 9/12/16 - CSDI Co-Director Larry Bartels discusses "The Rise of Presidential Extremists."

NY Times - 5/23/16 - CSDI Co-Director Larry Bartels and Chris Achen ask "Do Sanders supporters favor his policies?"

Salon - 5/10/2016 - CSDI Co-Director Larry Bartels research is discussed in Neal Garber's piece entitled "There are no Reagan Democrats: The GOP has become the party of rich, white, southerners."

Los Angeles Times - 5/9/16 - CSDI Co-Director John Geer and Lynn Vavreck's  SpotCheck project is mentioned in David Lauter's article "Why it took two weeks for a Donald Trump attack ad to anger people. "

Los Angeles Times - 5/2/16 - CSDI Co-Director Larry Bartels and Chris Achen argue "The Presidential Primaries are Out of Control - and the Party Conventions are Broken."  

Washington Post - 3/7/16 - CSDI Co-Director Larry Bartels economic voting model is used by Dr. Matthew Atkinson and Dr. Darin DeWitt to analyze the 2016 Presidential Race.

NBC News - 2/22/1- CSDI Co-Director Josh Clinton, Hannah Hartig and John Lapinski ask Where Will Bush Supporters Go?"

NBC News - 1/27/16 - CSDI Co-Director Josh Clinton, graduate affiliate Carolyn Roush and Dr. John Lapinski explain "Where Sanders and Clinton are Dominating." 

The Guardian - 1/15/16 - CSDI affiliate Marc Hetherington asks "What would Lincoln do: is Obama right he would have better bridged the divide?"

NBC News - 1/5/16 - CSDI Co-Director Josh Clinton, graduate affiliate Carolyn Roush and Dr. John Lapinski examine "How Republicans and Democrats Feel About Their Opponents."

Monkey Cage - 12/28/15 - CSDI affiliate Alan Wiseman and Craig Volden reveal the 10 most effective lawmakers in the US Congress

NBC News - 11/17/16 - CSDI Co-Director Josh Clinton, graduate affiliate Carolyn Roush and Dr. John Lapinski explore the differences between Carson and Trump supporters.

VU Poll - November 2015 - 8/19/15 - CSDI Co-Director Josh Clinton, graduate affiliate Carrie Roush, and Dr. John Lapinski, Director of the Elections Unit at NBC news take a closer look at Trump supporters.

Washington Post - 8/3/15 - CSDI Co-Director David Lewis and graduate affiliate Mark Richardson's Survey on the Future of Government Service is examined - 7/22/15 - CSDI Co-Director John Geer is quoted in an article about Donald Trump's participation in the upcoming republican presidential debate in Cleveland.

The Fiscal Times - 7/20/15 - CSDI Co-Director David Lewis is quoted in an article about Jeb Bush's plan to reduce the federal workforce.

Newsweek -7/17/15 - CSDI Co-Director David Lewis discusses "How to Keep Good People Working in Government."

Tennessean - 7/10/15 - CSDI Co-Directors Joshua Clinton and John Geer Op-Ed, "Beware of Internal Polls to Name Nashville's Next Mayor


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