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  • 09/24/13 - Perspectives on Election 2012  - video - with John Geer, John Seigenthaler, Dan Balz, Lynn Vavreck, and John Sides
  • 05/21/13 - VU Poll: Support Growing For Medicaid Expansion In Tennessee ( By Blake Farmer with Leah Terry - If Governor Bill Haslam were simply to go with what a majority of Tennesseans want, he would expand the state's Medicaid program as envisioned in the Affordable Care Act. A Vanderbilt poll finds support has grown to 60 percent of respondents, up from less than half in December.
  • 04/09/13 Are women more effective legislators? (The Cycle,  Video features Craig Volden, who co-wrote: When are Women More Effective Lawmakers than Men? with Alan E. Wiseman and Dana E. Wittmer [forthcoming] American Journal of Political Science.
  • 03/01/13  - (Courtesy of Vanderbilt University Law School) Video features Bingham G. Powell 2012 APSA Address Representation in Context.  CSDI co-hosted a conference titled Political Representation: Fifty Years after Miller and Stokes that focused on contemporary scholarship on representation in different national, sub-national, and comparative settings though a variety of methodological approaches. The keynote presentation of the conference was Professor G. Bingham Powell's lecture on "Representation in Context." Powell, the Wilson Professor of Political Science at the University of Rochester, was scheduled to deliver the lecture marking the end of his term as president of the American Political Science Association. Since that event was cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, CSDI provided the forum for the address.
  • 01/29/13 -  Vanderbilt Professor comments on minority party congresswomen ( By Amy Wolf - Features Alan E. Wiseman, author of When are Women More Effective Lawmakers than Men? (with Craig Volden and Dana E. Wittmer) [forthcoming] American Journal of Political Science
  • 01/09/13 - What to Expect in Obama's Second Term ( Video features David E. Lewis VU Lunch & Learn Series


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