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Archived News-2008

  • 11/07/08 - Experts: Obama Will Move Quickly to show he's ready to govern ( By Ann Marie Owens - Distinguished Professor of Political Science John Geer noted that the election of the first African American as president some 40 years after the start of the Civil Rights Movement is quite amazing, especially for those who remember the 1960s. "Obama's election shows that our political system, despite its warts and drawbacks, still works," Geer said. "Obama led an impressive campaign despite strong opposition and negative attacks from within his party during the primaries and later from the GOP."
  • 10/31/08 -   2 008 Presidential election signals transition: Vanderbilt experts ( By Ann Marie Deer Owens - Presidential transition: A smooth presidential transition with an emphasis on advance preparation and avoidance of past pitfalls is crucial to a strong start for the next administration, says political scientist David E. Lewis....All candidates want to claim a mandate once they win elected office, says political scientist John Geer, but it is hard to know based on just the raw vote whether they earned one.
  • 10/03/08 -  Vanderbilt and First Amendment Center to host presidential election panel ( By Ann Marie Deer Owens - Among the panelists scheduled to participate: John Geer, Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt and an expert on campaigns, public opinion and negative ads. Geer wrote In Defense of Negativity: Attack Ads in Presidential Campaigns, 1960-2004.
  • 10/01/08 - Presidential scholar eagerly anticipates new administration - whoever wins (vanderbiltview) By Ann Marie Deer Owens - "The addition of Dave Lewis to our faculty is simply tremendous," said [John] Geer. "The blunt facts are that Dave is the leading presidential scholar in his cohort, and his presence brings great visibility to Vanderbilt.

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NYT -In an analysis of the upcoming British general election, Paul Krugman draws on research by Larry Bartels ( to support the claim that voters' "short memories" provide "little or no political reward for good policy."

Tennessean -  Reports "Vanderbilt receives $1M grant to combat child labor." The $1M grant was awarded to CSDI Affiliate Cecilia Mo from the U.S. Department of Labor. 

Washington Post - Larry Bartels asks "Can 'conservative principles' boost working-class incomes?"

Washington Post - Alan Wiseman and Craig Volden outline "The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Legislators."

Tennessean - Latest Vanderbilt Poll showcases Tennesseans' views on abortion, Common Core and Medicaid Expansion

NYT - Larry Bartels has documented that the rich have about three times as much influence as the poor on votes in the United States Senate.

VoxWhy the Israel-Palestine conversation is so polarized -  A 2006 study by Larry Bartels and Chris Achen (Princeton) is referenced. 

Vanderbilt News In 2013, Seigenthaler and author David Maraniss co-led a conversation at the First Amendment Center about the Gettysburg Address to mark its 150th anniversary...

Washington Post  - U.S. presidential election results, for example, can be remarkably and accurately predicted by economic growth preceding the election...

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