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Where & When Will the Pathways for African American Success (PAAS) Program Be Implemented? 

The PAAS program will be implemented in five rural counties in West Tennessee:
October 2009 – October 2010

►Tipton County
►Fayette County 
►Lauderdale County

October 2010 – October 2011

►Madison County
►Hardeman County

These counties were chosen because of the high percentage of African American 7th graders in the public schools.



Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

What is the Center for Research on Rural Families & Communities (CRRFC)?
CRRFC is a federally-funded research center at Vanderbilt University housed in Peabody College, Department of Human & Organizational Development. The faculty and staff at CRRFC have a particular interest in understanding how family, school and the community promote health and positive development in all family members. Up until now, mental health needs among rural African Americans have received little attention from either clinicians and researchers. For this reason, we are committed to using the information that we gather in our studies to design and evaluate programs that enhance the well-being of African American families. 
What will happen in this research project?
We have developed a 6-week prevention curriculum for 7th graders based on our highly successful program, the Strong African American Families (SAAF). The original SAAF is for 5th graders and was evaluated on a sample of 690 families in rural Georgia communities. The program that will be offered to families in West Tennessee is called Pathways for African American Success (PAAS), a family-based program for rural African American youth.
In this project, we would randomly select (like flipping a coin) African American youth who are going to OR are currently in the 7th grade and invite them to participate. Once enrolled, they would be assigned either to receive our new intervention program in the 7th grade, or to be a “control” family and receive written materials about health promotion. We will interview families before, 3 months after, and 18 months after the intervention. Each family is paid for their time and participation.
Will my infomation be protected and not shared with anyone else?
At the Center for Research on Rural Families and Communities we treat all family information with the utmost respect. Our protocols are reviewed and approved by Vanderbilt University Institutional Review Board. We are exceedingly careful to approach families with respect for their privacy and respect their decisions whether or not to participate in our studies. We work with community liaisons in each county who are respected residents of the communities in which our studies are offered to provide additional information about our center to interested families.  
Where can I learn more about the CRRFC and the PAAS program?
Please contact the Center for Research on Rural Families staff at 615-322-4355 or via email at .