Undergraduate English Major in Creative Writing

Program II of the English Major

Undergraduates may concentrate on developing their creative writing skills while they also acquire a general appreciation of English literature.

Majoring in English with a concentration on Creative Writing requires a total of 30 hours of study including:

  • 116W, 117W, or 118W:  This course is required and is prerequisite to all upper-division courses.
  • 12 hours of Creative Writing courses from at least two different genres:


Eng 200: Intermediate Nonfiction Writing

English 201: Advanced Nonfiction Writing


English 204: Intermediate Fiction Workshop

English 205: Advanced Fiction Workshop


English 206: Intermediate Poetry Workshop

English 207: Advanced Poetry Workshop

Admission to English 200, 201, 204, 205, 206, and 207 is by the consent of the instructor.

We strongly recommend that prospective Creative Writing majors take English 122:  Beginning Fiction Workshop and/or English 123: Beginning Poetry Workshop before taking any of the upper division workshops.  (English 122 and English 123 do not count toward the major.)

  • 9 hours in literature before 1800 and 3 hours in Ethnic or non-Western literature.
  • 3 additional hours of electives in English. Students may choose from any of the courses that count toward the major.  Check under General Information, Requirements and Advice, for which courses qualify for credit.