Staff and Contact Information

Janis May, Administrative Assistant to English Department

(615) 322-2276

Sandra Bohn, Assistant to the Chair of English Department

(615) 322-2542

To pose questions about the MFA degree:

Rene Colehour, MFA Program Assistant (see note below)

(615) 322-6527

To pose questions about the English major, or other aspects of the undergraduate program:

Wendy Stone, Undergraduate Program Assistant

(615) 322-2765

To pose questions about graduate study in literature:

Donna Caplan, Graduate Program Assistant

(615) 322-2541

331 Benson Hall
2301 Vanderbilt Place
PMB 351654
Nashville, Tennessee, 37235-1654
Telephone: (615) 322-2541
Fax: (615) 343-8028

Dear Visitor:

Please send any general comments about these web pages, and the information therein to Sara Corbitt.

If you wish to request an application to the graduate programDonna Caplan.

in English, or if you have other questions about the graduate program, please send your inquiries to the Graduate Assistant,

To summarize:
If you have questions about the MFA degree, please contact  MFA Program Assistant, Rene Colehour. Rene will be starting in this position just after Thanksgiving. If you urgently need an answer before then, please contact, Janis May (see below).

If you have questions about the English major, or other aspects of the undergraduate program, please contact Wendy Stone, the Undergraduate Assistant.

Both general announcements and specific questions about the English Department itself should be directed to the Administrative Assistant, Janis May.