Two recent MFA grads are Finishing Line Press authors

A poetry chapbook by Melissa Cundieff-Pexa, MFA 2013, is to be published by Finishing Line Press this spring.  The chapbook, entitled Futures with Your Ghost, will be available in May 2014.

Pexa joins 2011 MFA grad, Lisa Dordal, also a Finishing Line Press author, whose chapbook, Commemoration, was published last year.  

Critical response to Dordal’s book:

Commemoration moves from elegiac poems that respond to a mother’s alcoholism, death, and the heartbreaking ‘process of separating’ to those that chronicle ‘falling out of hiding’ into sexual awareness and fulfillment. Every poem in this collection is finely made, with quartz-like clarity and complexity; in sequence, they gain the undeniable urgency and inevitability of ‘atoms, quarks, and auras / and all the love that lies between.’ This is a wise and powerful collection.” Claudia Emerson,  winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Late Wife