Lorraine López’s new novel, The Realm of Hungry Spirits, published by Hachette

Lorraine López’ new novel, The Realm of Hungry Spirits, was recently published by Hachette.  

About the novel:

For Marina Lucero, whose father transformed his life through meditation and whose mother gave hers to a Carmelite convent, spirituality should come easily. It doesn’t. After a devastating relationship leaves her feeling lost and alone, she opens her home to a collection of wayward souls– the abused woman next door and her alcoholic sister, her aimless nephew and his broken-hearted best friend. Her house now full but her heart still empty, Marina then turns to the wisdom of Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, even a Santeria priest who wants to cleanse her home.

As Marina struggles to balance the disappointments and delights of daily life, she’ll learn that, when it comes to inner peace and those we love, a little chaos can lead to a lot of happiness.

Early reviews:

“López imagines believable characters and observes their world with literary insight. An entertaining appreciation of one woman’s journey, sometimes ribald and funny, sometimes ironic and self-deprecating.” (Kirkus Reviews )

“This story of a faith-propelled, irrepressible Chicana bursts with life as it comes to an eminently satisfying, all-encompassing conclusion. López, author of The Gifted Gabaldón Sisters (2008), shows good storytelling skills once again.” (Booklist )

“Through snappy dialogue and rich detail, López (The Gifted Gabaldón Sisters) creates characters who are lovable even at their most irritating, and the perpetually ridiculous demands of Marina’s ‘hungry spirits’ provide moments of hilarious dark comedy.” (Publishers Weekly )