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Open Dores

Open Dores 2012

Open Dores is the publication sent to accepted students each spring. You may have heard about the "stripping party" that happens each spring in Undergraduate Admissions. Stripping refers to the act of peeling off the adhesive strip from the envelope to seal the acceptance packet. Open Dores mails in March each year to approximately 4,500 accepted students along with the letter of acceptance and other material. It is designed to re-inspire the most highly desired of our applicants to say "YES!" to our offer of acceptance. Since not every accepted student will in fact accept the offer, more acceptances are sent than there are actual places in the first-year class. Through careful calculations, Enrollment Management figures on a "yield," which results in the final 1,650 students who will actually move in to The Ingram Commons in August. This particular publication is produced with a five-color process that includes metallic gold 873, Vanderbilt's official gold color. It also features a cover flap, a play on the concept of opening a door, a reference to starting a new journey. A pocket on the inside back cover provides a spot for several additional flyers that are tucked into the mailing, depending on the school that the student has been accepted to.

The video demonstrates more fully the 3-d quality of the printed publication experience.