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imaging John C. Gore, Hertha Ramsey Cress Professor of Medicine and Director of Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Sciences (Dana Johnson/Vanderbilt)

Vanderbilt has developed incomparable imaging resources that range from nanoscale to full-organism approaches, allowing faculty to extend their work on disease mechanisms, while developing biomarkers with fundamental applications in drug discovery and early disease diagnosis in areas from neuroscience, to cancer, metabolic disorders, and musculoskeletal disease. The Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science (VUIIS) is the single largest, most comprehensive and integrated imaging group in the United States. It contains an NIH-recognized small animal imaging research center (multimodal integration and correlation), as well as in vivo and molecular imaging, human research imaging, computational imaging, and the development, validation and application of imaging biomarkers. Other key institutes and centers at Vanderbilt are fundamental to our molecular imaging efforts include the Mass Spectrometry Research Center and the Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. The Jim Ayers Institute for Precancer Detection and Diagnosis is one of many focused programs where discovery science and applied molecular imaging techniques are revolutionizing the diagnosis of solid tumors.

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