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Corporate Relations

Engaging Vanderbilt Students

Engaging Students For two years in a row, the students from Vanderbilt's Aerospace Club won NASA's national rocket competition. In May 2014, on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, the 10-foot, black and gold StarCRAFT rocket blasted into the sky in a flawless flight that reached an altitude of 4,850 feet before popping its parachute and drifting serenely back down to earth.

Vanderbilt students look to corporations as a source for guest lecturers at on-campus conferences, symposiums and events.  The Corporate Relations team can help connect your company's executives with students in order to maximize your company's potential for on-campus engagement and exposure.

Vanderbilt also assists professional, graduate and undergraduate students with career placements after graduation and with internship placements during their academic careers.  The Corporate Relations team can help facilitate opportunities for customized on-campus recruitment visits for your company, for both employees and interns. If you would like more information on on-campus recruitment for employees and interns, please visit the Vanderbilt University Career Center.

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