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Vanderbilt’s Peabody College, a nationally ranked college of education (No. 3 graduate school of education in 2015 U.S. News & World Report rankings), boasts more than 15 research centers and outreach programs, including three national research centers—more than any other college of education:

  • National Center on School Choice : A national research center charged with researching how school choice affects individuals, communities and systems. Led by Vanderbilt University, the center consists of a partnership with Brown University, the Brookings Institution, Harvard University, the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Northwest Evaluation Association, Stanford University and the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning at the University of Indianapolis.
  • National Center on Performance Incentives : A national research and development center for state and local policy that assembles a nationally recognized, multi-disciplinary team of experienced research and policy experts, including specialists in social and behavioral science, statistical analysis, economic theory and policy analysis.
  • National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools : A collaborative partnership between research universities, education support providers and two larger urban districts focused on identifying the combination of essential components and the programs, practices, processes and policies that make some high schools in large urban districts particularly effective with low income students, minority students and English language learners. 

Peabody’s faculty and students benefit society as leaders in the creation and dissemination of new educational and developmental knowledge garnered from research partnerships forged with K-12 school systems, higher education institutions, corporations, nonprofit organizations and governments.

Among Peabody’s most recently notable projects are studies conducted with the aim of determining ways in which cultural differences affect language skills, how public policy affects school administration, manners in which communities can relieve adolescent depression or the effects of maternal depression on children, and how the state of Tennessee can improve delivery of education and human services.

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