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Vicki Spina

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The Commodore Crew was formed in the fall of 1991 for the purpose of uniting fans of Vanderbilt women's basketball to support the continuing growth of the sport. Membership continuesto increase each year. It is a tribute to our student-athletes, the coaches, and you, our loyal fans, that Vanderbilt women's basketball has become one of the finest overall programs in the nation.

As a member of the Commodore Crew, you become an athletic representative and, as such, must adhere to the governing regulations as set forth by NCAA, SEC and Vanderbilt University.

Funds received from Commodore Crew memberships are utilized exclusively for the continuing enhancement of the Vanderbilt women's basketball program. One of the current goals is to raise funds for competition in Europe in the summer of 2002.

Special Events

  • First Open Practice Potluck (Open to everyone)
  • Nashville Vanderbilt Club Pre-Game Party
  • NCA Tournament Pairing Announcement
  • Team Banquet - A Salute to the Seniors


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