Vanderbilt vs. Arkansas
February 26, 2003

Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings
“The difference in the game was that they were able to make shots and we weren’t. We got some quality looks, but just didn’t get them down. As the half wore on, the pressure got to us a bit. We got a little uptight on offense. Thirty percent [field goal shooting] is not very good for a game. I just thought they did a good job of making shots and we didn’t.

On the Offense:
“The game was lost on our offensive end. We just did not play well offensively and did not shoot well offensively. We didn’t get anything done inside. We got the ball in there, but our guys didn’t score with it.”

On Arkansas’ Free Throw Shooting:
“We thought we could get them to miss some [free throws]. Eric Ferguson makes 7 of 9 and he’s 56 percent on the season. When you let somebody get their head up and let them play with confidence and let them be the aggressor, then guys are going to do things they don’t normally do.”

Vanderbilt Forward Julian Terrell

On Arkansas’ Play:
“I believe we let them push us around too much. We would try and get in position, but they would push us out with their forearms and we would just move and not get back physically with them.”

On Vanderbilt’s Offense:
“We couldn’t hit a shot tonight. We work on that all day at practice and it goes in, but when we come out and play, it just wouldn’t fall for us.”

Vanderbilt Forward Scott Hundley

General Thoughts:
“We didn’t play very good defense. I think both teams struggled from the field. We just didn’t have enough effort and didn’t take care of the ball really well in the second half.”

On Vanderbilt’s Mentality:
“I think we’re a little frustrated. We knew the team was going to be down after losing a few in a row, but that’s all something that teams go through. You’re up, you’re down, but the best way to go through a season is to have an even kill and never be too high or too low. Right now, we’re kind of low, but hopefully we can pick it up next game.”

Arkansas Head Coach Stan Heath

“I’m real proud of this team. We’ve had it hard on the road all season. A lot of people thought we’d never win on the road after the LSU game.”

“I felt going in that the guys really wanted this game. They did everything we asked them to do. I’m just really happy that they will get to enjoy the plane ride back this time.”

“Every single guys had a hand in this win. It was a team effort. I thought we played well defensively, especially guarding Matt Freije.”



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