Ole Miss at Vanderbilt
February 1, 2003
Memorial Gymnasium

Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings
"We're obviously very pleased with the win. Ole Miss is a very tough team. We played with a great deal of toughness. We were fortunate because we didn't shoot the ball well."

"What Scott's (Hundley) greatest asset is is his toughness an d his will to win. He's been playing well for us. He was sick and couldn't warm up for us prior to the second half but he fought through it."

"As we made our emphasis on getting the ball inside there was a direct correlation to us shooting the ball well from the perimeter. When we mandate that the ball go inside we have more success from the outside."

"Mario (Moore) is a good player. What impressed e about him is that he is a freshman and didn't turn the ball over against the Ole Miss defense. We're pleased with how he is playing and how Russell Lakey is coming off the bench."

"We did a good job at the foul line. I told the players it would be a key to the game. It was key that we were the aggressor against a team that can put you on your heals."

"What I like is our toughness is going up. And as our toughness goes up our confidence level is going up."

Scott Hundley
"I was feeling good (offensively). The opportunity came when they started playing zone. I was able to work both sides of the floor and look for the openings in the zone."

"I work on defense to spur my offensive game. I like when coach puts me on the other team's toughest player. It just spills over to the offensive end."

Matt Freije
"The Georgia game was big but we knew it wouldn't mean anything if we didn't win tonight. Now we're back in the mix."

"Coach said they had the best defense in the SEC. We wanted to see if our offensive performance from the Georgia game could carry over. We scored enough points to win."

Brian Thorton
"Scott (Hundley) has played great, especially since the first of January. He's been under the weather. We knew he would battle through it. He's probably the toughest player on the team."



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