Commodores & Predators Join Forces With Ticket Plan 12/3/02

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Vanderbilt athletic department and the Nashville Predators have formed a partnership that will offer Predators ticket holders the opportunity to purchase Vanderbilt vs. Tulane men’s basketball tickets at a discounted rate. Predators ticket holders can purchase a $14 ticket for just $7 to see the Commodores take on The Green Wave this Saturday at 7 p.m. at Memorial Gym.

A letter from Vanderbilt Director of Athletics Todd Turner and Nashville Predators President/Chief Operating Officer Jack Diller was sent to Predators ticket holders informing them of this new partnership. To obtain the half-price ticket, Predators ticket holders can present that letter, a Predators ticket from a previous game this year, or a postcard given out at the Predators vs. New Jersey game Nov. 29 to the Vanderbilt ticket office, located in the McGugin Athletic Center on campus.

The ticket office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. On the day of the game, these tickets can be purchased at the Memorial Gym ticket windows and those tickets will be cash-only purchases. Predators fans may buy up to four half-priced tickets for the game based on availability.

For more information on the Vanderbilt-Predators partnership, contact Jillian Danker in the Vanderbilt marketing office at 615-343-5462.

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Vanderbilt Athletics & Nashville Predators Partnership

Ticket Office Information:

Summary of Event –
We have formed a partnership with the Predators with the goal of increasing attendance by providing each of our fan bases with reduced ticket prices to our sporting events.

Vanderbilt’s Game -
Men vs. Tulane
Saturday, December 7th at 7pm

How tickets will work –
Regular Price: $14
Predators Price: $7

Predators fans qualify for the discounted ticket by doing the following:
Bring a copy of a letter from Todd Turner and Jack Diller announcing the partnership to the ticket office - or -

Bring a copy of an email from Todd Turner and Jack Diller announcing the partnership to the ticket office - or -

Bring an old Predators ticket to the ticket office - or -

Bring a postcard that was given out at the Predators’ November 29th game vs. New Jersey


Predator fans can only buy the ticket in person

Can only buy 4 tickets with the letter, email, ticket stub or postcard

If bought on game day at Memorial Gym, the ticket can be purchased with cash only


Kevin Stallings:

"The Predators are a quality organization here in town. Anytime we have an opportunity to team up with them, we will take advantage of it. Our team looks forward to welcoming Predators fans on December 7th."

Vanderbilt Athletic Department
2601 Jess Neely Drive
Nashville, TN 37212
615-322-GOLD (4653)