Men's Basketball Quotes from first practice…

Matt Freije (Junior)- "We've got some good new guys. Most have been here all summer so it doesn't really feel like they are new guys. Last year we made it to the first round of the NIT tournament and this year we hope to do better than that."

Ted Skuchas (Freshman)- "In college there is more running and lifting. In high school you are trying to get in shape now you have to step up and try to play with bigger and better people. The mental demands are higher than before. There is a big difference in being away from home and trying to get used to living by yourself as well as doing what is best for yourself and the team."

Jason Holwerda (Sophomore)- "We've got a really good group this year. The new freshmen are really starting to impress me. It's exciting for all of us to be starting a new season. I'm looking forward to coming in here and giving what I can, and hopefully that will be a sufficient amount. The first day of practice though is more of a team thing."

Julian Terrell (Freshman)- "The change from high school to college has been a pretty good one. In high school it was nice being taller than everyone else, and in college you have to get used to everyone being your height or taller and better than you. College is harder academically too and you have to make the adjustment."

Scott Hundley (Junior)- "We have a positive outlook on the season. We have both young and old talent as well as good leadership and good youthful players. We've got to start gelling now in the first few weeks of the season. Our hopes are to do better than last year. Expectations are high and that's why we have the schedule we do. Our coach expects good things from us and nothing less than last year."


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