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Following are comments from leading football personalities on Vanderbilt's hiring of new head coach Bobby Johnson:

"I think Bobby has the ability, the character and the intelligence to be successful at any program in the country. I think he's uniquely prepared for Vanderbilt. " Bobby knows how to successfully recruit while being academically selective. He's been able to find players with potential and develop them. He will attract other top coaches to his staff. " My relationship with Bobby goes back to my first year of high school coaching. Bobby was on my freshman basketball team. Later I was his high school position coach in football and he was an assistant on my staff at Furman. I'm very proud of him."

- Dick Sheridan, Former Head Football Coach Furman University & North Carolina State


"Bobby was one of my favorite players and he is a super football coach. I am proud of what he has accomplished. We keep in touch, every year at the convention we talk for an hour and we occasionally visit on the telephone. "When I arrived at Clemson, Hootie Ingram was the head coach and Bobby had been a wide receiver as a freshman. The coaches sat around the table and said which players we wanted. I said I wanted Bobby Johnson and Hootie almost died. I wanted Bobby for his integrity; it is amazing what kind of person he is, I just knew we had to have him on the defensive unit"

- George MacIntyre Vanderbilt Head Football Coach, 1979-85; Secondary Coach, Clemson, 1970-72


"I am very pleased we were able to find the ideal match for the profile we established at the beginning of our search. "We wanted a proven winner, we wanted someone with a proven commitment to excellence, and we wanted someone who would have the experience to put our program on a path toward success. We found that person in Bobby Johnson. We are thrilled he is with us today."

- Todd Turner, Director of Athletics Vanderbilt University


"Bobby Johnson is a perfect fit for Vanderbilt. He's a proven winner, a strong leader and a person with a keen interest in education."

- John Hall, Former President Vanderbilt Board of Trust


"I've known Bobby's entire family for years. I knew his parents, I went to high school with his mother-in-law and I've known Bobby since he was a baby. "He was a scholar-athlete and a rock-em, sock-em, hard-nosed kind of football player. He was a real team leader at Clemson. "He was the defensive coordinator at Furman and he was almost a co-head coach when I was the Athletic Director there. I was back at Clemson when he was our coordinator in 1993 so I have followed his career closely. Tell the team they'd best buckle their chip straps, as they'll be in for a hard ride. He's a disciplinarian and has high standards of expectation from his team in all areas. "Vanderbilt is getting a very personable coach, he's easy to meet and he's a straight shooter. He will give the fans a quality program in which they will be able to take great pride."

- George Bennett, Former Director National Commodore Club; Current Director of Clemson IPTAY Club


"I am confident that we have reached for, and captured, the best head coach for Vanderbilt. " I have been impressed with Bobby's commitment to excellence, his passion for success, and his absolute integrity. He is a leader who has the respect and affection of his players, and who has instilled a sense of winning and excitement in his program."

- Gordon Gee, Chancellor Vanderbilt University


"Bobby Johnson has the background and experience that fits well at Vanderbilt. He understands how to build a program. He has experience as a head coach in building a coaching staff in addition to developing a program. He is highly regarded in his profession. "I have a lot of respect for him as a coach. His teams play physical football, which is a reflection of how they are coached. "Bobby is extremely intense and has a strong commitment toward winning in the right way. He's a very positive person and he'll bring that positive spirit to Vanderbilt."

- Roy Kramer, Commissioner Southeastern Conference Vanderbilt Athletic Director, 1979-1990



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