Statement from Football Coach Woody Widenhofer 11/8/01

Chancellor Gee's Statement

Director of Athletics Todd Turner's Statement

Widenhofer Resigns At Vanderbilt - Release

Press Conference (Will be posted shortly after completion of statements)

Thanks for coming out tonight. I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days and I'd like to share some of these thoughts with you.

Many of you realize this has been a difficult season for me. I'm an optimist and I thought we were poised for a breakthrough year. Unfortunately, things have not gone as I'd hoped. I've come to the conclusion that significant changes are needed - and expected - for this program to reach the level of excellence we all want. I believe the best thing I can do at this time is to resign effective the end of the season. I will continue to coach the team through the Ole Miss game.

I informed my coaching staff and team of this decision before practice this afternoon. I think everyone knows how much I wanted to see this program succeed. I love coaching young people and we have some of the best on our football team.

I told them this afternoon how much I appreciated their efforts. They are a great group of guys and I'll never forget them. I told my coaching staff that I appreciated their loyalty and hard work. They represented Vanderbilt well.

To our loyal fans - I wanted to win for you almost as much as I did for me. I truly enjoyed getting to know so many of you. Time will not allow me to personally thank each person who has offered friendship or encouragement during my seven years in Nashville but I want you all to know I was proud to be your coach. We had our moments and they were special.

If I have one regret - other than not winning enough games - I wish the current administration had been in place when I started five years ago. Chancellor Gee, the Board of Trust and Todd Turner have a clear vision that will definitely help the next coach.

There will always be a place for the Commodores in my heart. I wish each of you the very best. Thank you.


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